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Partnership with Patients Take Me to The Summit!

I am proud and grateful to be a Lupus patient/advocate and activist and “I want to attend the Partnership with Patients Summit!”  I wish I could purchase my airline ticket and book my hotel room but times are tough so here I am putting it out here for all to see.  I need a travel scholarship to attend and here is why I should be the person chosen.

I can offer to gratefully overshare my passion, dedication and experience.  I will Live Tweet everything that happens, what happens at #cinderblocks will go on my Twitter timeline, this is not Vegas.  I gladly hug and provide pain patches to anyone that needs them.  I will take and pose for pictures with a smile.  This all sounds like fun (and it will be!) but my goal is to learn how to effectively connect and engage online from that inspire me most.   I am passionate about the Partnership with Patients ideals and goals, my passion is contagious and I will use my voice to represent the community before, during and after the Partnership with Patients Summit.

The fact that I could get hug from Tiffany Peterson @TiffanyAndLupus is one of the best pain remedies I have known is reason enough to travel to Missouri.   Honestly, I feel that meeting these inspirational leaders, advocates and activists in the ePatient community that I feel that I know already but have yet to meet will take me to the next level.  Sometimes the best things are the surprises but I know that hugging @PracticalWisdom, @ePatientDave and the woman whose inspiration is why I want to be in Kansas City at all @ReginaHolliday would be worth the trip.   This summit is the foundation of something extraordinary.  I want to be a part of it.  I have a voice and I do not want to miss out.   I want to go to Healthcamp.  I have a blog, a website and I “tweet too much” but want to learn how to use my voice to its fullest potential.  I know that I would learn tools that I could use to share the message of presenting my story and the stories of others.

Filled with hope and desire, I appreciate this chance to share why I want to attend.  Thank you for your consideration, please take me to the Summit!

Doesn't this post make you want to register and attend... if so, here's the link.

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